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  • Derkins

    Ken’s ridin’ the high

    • John Smith

      Not for long…

  • Ben Johnston

    Eijiro’s face just screams “I may be in over my head here….”

  • Neska

    New army?
    That means more supply wagons . . .
    More sake! Yay!

  • This guy

    So much Kung Fu Panda.

    • RobinGoodfellow

      Excuse me, that’s ‘skidoosh.’
      Not ‘kadoosh.’ ;3

  • SotiCoto

    I can’t get over how impossible that sword is.

    The inordinately long blade. The inordinately skinny, cylindrical handle.
    It is like suspension of disbelief has died, then had its body picked up and forcibly danced around like a puppet.

    • Kid Chaos

      That’s why it’s called a “webcomic”, not a “documentary”. 😜

      • SotiCoto

        You do realise there are intermediate stages between absolute realism and complete, unpatterned chaos… right?

        • Kid Chaos

          Really? Good thing I’m an agent of chaos, then. 👿

  • RazTheGiant

    Ken is just a damn Dynasty Warriors character in this battle

  • MoveAlongCitizen

    I just keep hearing Nolan North every time he opens his mouth.

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