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  • Kid Chaos

    “Come get some!” I like it! Nice throw, too.

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      Well, the man has to start a reputation SOMEWHERE.

  • SotiCoto

    That throw really wasn’t necessary.

    Polearms beat cavalry like rock beats scissors.

    • mateusz graven

      And the best way to win with a rock is to throw it.

      • SotiCoto

        And the best way to win with a polearm is to stick the point in the charging enemy with the other end braced against the ground… NOT to throw it, unless it is literally some disposable pointy stick that you’ve got a whole pile of.

        • 627235

          If you can effectively throw it, though, it’s probably not long enough to brace against the ground and still have sufficient reach to not get hit in return. Plus bracing against the ground works very well if a few hundred men do it, not so much in single combat.

          • SotiCoto

            Why? Because the horse has a little room to move around it? Same is true of throwing it, except if you throw a weapon and miss, you don’t have it any more.

    • Insane Disciple

      Eh, it was badass

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