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  • talantus

    famous last words, hopefuly they are not his

    • Kid Chaos

      It’s a strategy that works…until it doesn’t. 💀

  • Dana


  • Da’Zlein

    They’re still within arm’s reach, you can still win this!

  • Ben Johnston


  • Speedy Marsh

    That workout video promised “rock hard abs” … It lied.

    • Insane Disciple

      He didn’t know Iron body

  • psYcHOticHiCKeN

    Never go into combat without a name.

  • TimeDragonAsteroid

    You didn’t stop not un-undying!!!

  • MoveAlongCitizen

    Adios, Abs McKenzie. We knew thee barely at all, but were made proud with what we did.

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