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  • Kid Chaos

    Nice rebuttal.

  • Premmy

    Someone is in deny.

    • animalia555

      Well he’s not in a river in Egypt.

      I regret nothing.

      • MoveAlongCitizen

        Dr. Animalia, I presume?

    • NoiseShaper

      He’s not denying it, he just resents hearing it said out loud!

  • Neska

    Oh, he’s not hurt! He was just sleepy after the killing . . . possibly drunk too . . .

  • Estefan Olivares

    That feet story is going to be past around campfires for years to come

  • DarthJazzHand

    Ok he’s DEFINITELY just faking being passed out, waiting for someone to say something disagreeable as an excuse to punch them.
    OR the Tao really needs a lot of people randomly punched.

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