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  • Mr BreaksIt

    You tell ’em, period-incorrect-dress lady!

    Who exactly are you telling this too?

    • John Smith

      It’s called “breaking the fourth wall”. Or maybe she just likes to hear herself talk. :)

  • GamerFromJump

    That’s the most anachronistic thing I’ve seen since I watched ‘Samurai Champloo’.

  • ClytemnestricallyDone

    Because cigarettes, high boots, leather jackets and sunglasses make feudal Japan so much… not feudal Japan (Said the GM of a feudal Japan inspired RPG with corporations, stock trade, and a Christian robotic army)

    • suburban_samurai

      wait, there weren’t robots in feudal Japan?? I’ve been lied to!

      • ClytemnestricallyDone

        Depending on how racist you are, you might just had it right all this time.

    • Speedy Marsh

      Page 1 said that this tale was never recorded by the historians. Who knows what else they failed to record? 😉

  • clockworkWolf

    oh my fucking god why are you in feudal Japan you strange woman

    • Kid Chaos

      Her health; she came to feudal Japan for the waters.

  • SnootsDwagon

    Okay, that ninja’s more fun.
    Not too smart though. Smoking. Don’t she know better?
    Besides, is like kissing an ash tray.
    Oh wait, that “cigarette” looks… funny.
    Well that sure oughta help in a fight!
    “Okay, you three guys stand still. Huh? What do you mean there’s only one of you?”

  • Falling Star

    I am so confused right now.
    Why is she dressed like that?

    • Kid Chaos

      That’s just the way she rolls. 😎

    • Ellie Sogol

      No one knows yet.

  • dr pepper

    Someone just wandered in from a different comic.

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