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  • Jowey Andina

    Another Kurosawa reference <3

    • suburban_samurai

      Mr. Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai was the inspiration for this whole invasion plotline, in fact!

      • Neska

        I gave my college roommate an obsession with that movie . . . she now seeks out every Kurosawa movie she can find!

        • mateusz graven

          I’ve unfortunately only seen the anime based on the manga, based on the movie, based on the book. “Samurai seven” was good.

          • Neska

            I have both the manga and the anime, unfortunately I don’t have the movie (Kurosawa films are not the easiest things to find at a price I can afford).

  • Kid Chaos

    General Ina takes command!

  • Ben Johnston

    Devious mode! Activate!

  • Estefan Olivares

    Ina pulls here weight for the first time since she lost most her money

    • MoveAlongCitizen

      I figured she was going to be useful EVENTUALLY, just wasn’t sure when.

  • animalia555

    So is Ina the Sokka of this series?

    • Kid Chaos

      No, that’s Yori. 😜

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