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  • John Smith


  • Da’Zlein

    Ok, which Wataro infiltrator is kissing the guards?

    • Speedy Marsh

      Talk about the kiss of death!

      • Dizzy Green


        kiss of death

        phrase of kiss

        1. an action or event that causes certain failure for an enterprise.

        “it would be the kiss of death for the company if it could be proved that the food was unsafe”

      • MoveAlongCitizen

        I think it’s just the Kiss of KOing The Guards.

    • Kid Chaos

      It’s that ninja-lady with big boobs…what’s-her-name. :)

      • Neska


        • Kid Chaos

          Yeah, her; I love her. 😀

  • MoveAlongCitizen

    It’s tough being a man who values Strategy in a society that cares for naught but Swordplay.

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