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  • John Smith

    Panels 1 & 2…kids, don’t try this at home!

  • slogra

    My favorite sound effects in the whole comic are in this panel. HEAD… BUTT! Right up there with Awkward Zombie’s NO DAMAGE sound effect.

  • David Aran

    I’m just gonna say you guys make up for your fight scenes (which aren’t your strong point) with the BEST onomatopoeia EVER.

  • Estefan Olivares

    People need to start wearing gloves. There is a lot of sword catching in this comic

  • Daniel Danilenko

    What wataros’ swords are made of? They are being cut on regular basis

    • Quiet Mastermind

      Gold flicks?

    • 627235

      Cheap steel (or perhaps really high carbon cast iron?). I mean, you get what you pay for in a one-Mon-blade.
      The real question is: How did they make it to great clan status – especially by warlike means?

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