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  • charles81

    Old Text and Context: I recall there was something about them not throwing their lives away needlessly and then Genchu sighing as he opened the doors to the mass of defenders… The significance of that last panel is kind of lost in this new text… Still, maybe he can say something better about only coming here for Hirotomo, and wishing to spare who he can.

    • slogra

      In my opinion, the textless last panel keeps a better pace. There’s also no reason to include Genchu’s mercy when he knows his offer will be refused. The last time he tried to stave off killing men needlessly, he addressed Hirotomo, knowing that his most loyal guards would throw away their lives at his order. Here, Hirotomo is not close to be conversed with, so Genchu knows these men will fight to the death.
      …And that’s way too much dialogue for the same result, as you can see.
      Also, I believe that Genchu simply “sighed” last time with no text or context. I’m guessing that Joe/Alex felt that the humor clashed with the serious tone of this fight.

      • jwkovell

        Yes, we removed the “sigh” because it made Genchu more sarcastic than we wanted.

        The other dialog was on an earlier page. The only text on this page was the narration and the soldier’s warning. and a lots of “blarg! I am dead!” sounds. In this rewrite, we cut down on some of those random screams.

      • animalia555

        I disagree. It never hurts to make the offer. You may BELIEVE it will be refused, but that is NOT the same as KNOWING. Unless you are saying there is some practical reason why making the offer in the first place would endanger his mission? That changes things off course.

  • Quiet Mastermind


    • Kid Chaos

      You said it. 👿

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