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  • Derkins

    “hypothetically…” LOL

  • Dylan

    “wait, there’s another blind guy who fights?” oh Ken…

    • John Smith

      What are the odds?

  • Dani

    I’m curious what he’d finish that sentence with. What WOULD Cho do with a kidnapped Ina? Probably drive her completely insane with his “wisdom”

  • Speedy Marsh

    “There’re lots of us. We have get togethers. We’re a pretty unsightly bunch.”

    “Unsightly? That’s rude. …Wait, how would you know?”

    “Simple deductive reasoning. The earthworm dares not tell the mole that there’s mustard sauce on his fur.”


    • suburban_samurai

      Oh, yeah, that’s a quality Choism right there!

  • jULES

    So here’s a ‘got up!’ but still no land nowhere…

    • Kid Chaos

      You’re not letting this go, are you? 😜

      • jULES

        I mean, what’s goes up
        must come down


        • Kid Chaos

          Get down with your bad self! 😎

          • jULES

            Can I scream brother…?!

  • Awkward Juice Man.

    You have No idea, Ken.

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