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There is so much action stuff going on with this page, I love it! I LOVE DRAWING ACTION SCENES!!

So a couple new things on the site! Yesterday Joe mentioned to me “Yeah, I put the comictron back online a while ago”, and I was like “WHAT?? Why didn’t you link it on the site??”  and he tells me “Oh, well, I tweeted about it, like, a year ago.” Naturally, that’s now been corrected. The Comictron is  linked on the site under the extra section! If anyone accidentally makes a comic they want want to share, send it Joe’s way (there’s a link on the page)!

We also finally got up a ‘New Readers‘ Page! Admittedly, it’s mostly the hiatus story-refresher pages with some text to clarify what the comic is, but hopefully it’ll help new readers catch up on the story and start on the newer art after the hiatus if they don’t want to read through the old archive. Granted, I always recommend the full archive to get the full Bushido experience!

Also, I don’t know how many people saw Joe’s remix’d page, but it’s so crazy hilarious I’m just going to link it again.



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  • KungFuKlobber


    • slogra

      Uso silly!

      • suburban_samurai

        Uso don’t wanna be sayin’ that.

  • TheMaskedFerret

    Angry Samurai?

    • suburban_samurai

      I’m sure not seeing any happy samurai at the moment!

  • IDPounder

    So if he got doof’d, does that make Uso a doofus?

    • John Smith

      That seems fair enough. 😀

      • suburban_samurai

        That is super unfair! Uso was doing his best, maybe!

  • charles81

    Reading the catchup in the new readers page again… I have to disagree that Yori didn’t almost die at Cho’s hands

    • suburban_samurai

      I am unsure what death you’re implying Cho would have visited upon Yori in that circumstance, nor am I sure I want to know…

  • Have a rock

    Uh-oh, they scratched the hat! They’re definitely in trouble now!

    • Mike

      He just wanted a slice of his hat. He even had the decency to cut it in an exactly even pie shape! Quite harmless all in all, didn’t call for being “doof’d!”

      • suburban_samurai

        To be fair, there was totally enough hat to go around for everyone.

    • suburban_samurai

      That was his favorite hat! You know how much those cost?

  • Sunwu

    oh Uso! Too many cooks spoil the dish! Your friend was doing fine!

    • suburban_samurai

      You can’t break an omlet without throwing eggs! I think that’s what they say…

      • Sunwu

        When life gives you lemons use the lemons as smoke bombs

        • Have a rock

          If life gives you melons, you may be dyslexic.

          • Kid Chaos

            Or super-lucky.

        • MoveAlongCitizen

          Make life take the lemons back! DEMAND TO SEE LIFE’S MANAGER!

  • Astralfury

    And to remind ourselves: This is the range the demon of sorrow (who we know dies) proficient with a bow wants to fight at now. Not going to end well for him.

    • aeternus

      Well…Technically, no, we don’t know Ryoushi dies (and speaking as someone that’d just read his way through the whole thing again). The fact that he’s not around in the “current” era, and Ryoku is (was) his replacement suggests it, but there’s nothing in any of the scripts that says he’s dead. For all we really know, he might’ve been kicked out of the demons of sorrow team, and decided to leave the samurai completely, bought the tea business from the guy that sold hotdogs (going back a bit, I know…) and raise dogs in his spare time.

      • suburban_samurai

        I always approve of archive re-reading! As for Ryoushi’s fate, You’re probably right about the hot dog retirement. I suspect Ryoushi’s just going to lose heart in the whole ‘hunting people’ thing, and the other DoS are gonna kick him off the team. That seems likely to me. (Because clearly I have no idea what’s going to happen next.)

        • aeternus

          *heh* Honest, we’re all probably certain that Ryoushi’s suffered a very gristly fate at the hand of Genchu – I’m pretty certain of it myself – but I thought, I hadn’t actually seen anything that actually said he’s dead, in the strips (not scripts as I wrote in my last comment – obviously thinking about something else at the time…), and yet everyone’s like, we know he’s dead. Unless I missed a comment by you guys or something from ages back, I don’t know.

          But yeah, if past history’s anything to go by… We’re just waiting to see the manner of his passing! (Course, now I said that… We’re going to see him selling hot dogs…!)

  • Hfar

    Don’t you just hate it when that co-worker you never liked just drops in unexpected?

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