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  • timmus

    old guy said it was slow but 15 filled rooms?

    • John Smith

      Room 11 was vacant, and we can’t really see Rooms 1-6.

  • Charvale

    Found Waldo… he was in Japan the whole time.

    I wonder if that’s Art of War 2: Back into War

    • Ryan Thompson

      Art of War 2: The Warrening

      Art of War 2: War Never Dies

      Art of War 2: War-ning Shot

      Art of War 2: This Time It’s War-sonal

      Art of War 2: Re-Militaried Zone

      Art of War 2: War-bor Day

      I think I’d better stop now.

      • Katie Balfour

        Art of War 2: War Boogaloo

        • Ryan

          Art of War 2: WARren G. Harding

          • jULES

            Art of War 2: What is it Good for?

          • Percabeth_trash

            Art of War 2: ReWarGence
            Art of War 2: The War of Secrets
            Art of War 2: The Sea of War
            Art of War 2: The War Strikes Back
            Art of War 2: The Two Wars
            Art of War 2: The Desolation of War (wait that one actually works…)

      • SnootsDwagon

        You have a WARped sense of humor.
        Execution is WARranted.
        Calling in the Samwarai. <— okay, that's a stretch.

        • animalia555

          Yes. Yes it is. But we love you anyways.

  • SnootsDwagon

    Good thing the records were written in English or the ninja could never have read them!

  • Cross Ikon

    Why bother knocking a sleeping guy out?

    • Kid Chaos

      To make sure he doesn’t wake up at an inconvenient moment. 😛

      • Green Arrow

        Or sleepwalk into the kitchen and sleep eat, because that innkeeper really needs to watch his weight in his old age. The ninja-assassin was only being courteous.

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