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  • John Smith

    “Take me, man meat!” Yori’s going to regret that, mark my words.

    • Quiet Mastermind

      Worth it๐Ÿ˜—

  • Dani

    Thus begins a meme that lasted my entire career at a videogame store

  • Szega

    In the first panel it should be “unveiling”.

  • Katie Balfour

    Wouldn’t it be “invited his wife”, not his mistress? And “cuckold” refers to the husband of the cheating lady, so maybe “traitorous” or something would work better…

    • Neska

      No, the usage is correct: Lord Wataro is inviting Lady Daisuke, his mistress, and her husband Lord Daisuke, the cuckold, to the unveiling of the waterslide (or whatever the actual historical thing was supposed to be that Cho changed to waterslide).

  • Quiet Mastermind


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