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  • John Smith

    “This time, it’s personal!”

    • jULES

      “Masuhiro’s Escape – Part 3”

  • charles81

    INCONSISTENCY: Two pages back, Suzuka refers to Yorikiro only as “Samurai Boy” but here Masuhiro seems aware that they are hunting Yorikiro Wataro.

    • jwkovell

      Right, he gets his info from the bandits earlier in the book. Her phrase merely supports it.

      • charles81

        Yeah, I was reading backwards through the pages for an alternative view/experience/perspective that can sometimes help to catch things.

  • KungFuKlobber


    Need a comma between “Sorry” and “Masuhiro,” and “Good night” is two words.

    • jwkovell

      Fixed! While I was at it, I switched out the “good night”, as it felt rather redundant.

    • Kid Chaos


  • Da’Zlein

    If he keeps escaping like this he’ll build up a tolerance to the knockout drugs, then they won’t be able to stop him!

    • suburban_samurai

      Hey, it’s a plan! …of sorts.

    • B-loved Worlock

      That or the “distraction” will stop him. Perverted old man

  • Speedy Marsh

    Well, at least he won’t have any problem with material for his pleasant dreams.

  • Genach Hause

    One would think he would learn that sticking around after escaping his cell equals getting recaptured. Somehow, his learning curve seems fairly horizontal…

  • Alicy-sunberg

    one day masuhiro… one day, your time will come

    • Kid Chaos

      But that day is not to-day. 😜

  • Insane Disciple

    After being knocked out by those two, who wouldn’t have a pleasant dream?😅

  • MoveAlongCitizen

    You know, for a very straightforward Samurai/Daimyo, he’s pretty good at being sneaky.

    • TekServer

      Not good enough. 😂

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