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  • John Smith

    Wait a minute…Ina has a sister??? And where is she now????

    • Supreme Ü

      A sister? Don’t you mean 4 sisters?

      • Kid Chaos

        I think I need to brush up on the Senshin clan’s family tree.

    • jULES

      Sister!! So… she has a sister!
      Obi-wan was wise to
      yadda yadda bla.

      • Kid Chaos

        Ina vs Vader: Ina uses DEATH STARE; it’s super effective. 😎

  • Skoddle

    I believe you meant “we’re” or “we are” in panel four.

  • charles81

    Awww, I liked the comment that they were referred to as “HIS” daughters when they were troublesome. I know thats true for my kids and wife.

    • jwkovell

      It was a fun line, but made less sense once we reworded Kagome’s own lines to reference some of Ina’s sisters’ names.

      • SotiCoto

        I’m puzzled. Why is the dialogue being ninja’d throughout the story?

  • KungFuKlobber



    • jwkovell

      Got it!

  • B-loved Worlock


  • Insane Disciple

    4 daughters? That explains a lot, actually😅

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