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  • Sunwu

    are we gonna see those said Ronin ?

    • John Smith

      I certainly hope so!

  • charles81

    TEXT CHANGE: It feels almost petty or silly that Genchu withdraws his loyalties over the ability to refer to Hirotomo by his name as the last point.

    SUGGESTION: “For too long I have tolerated your familiarity. Address me as “lord” and lead the Wataro against the Daisuke threat”
    4TH PANEL: Or loose your head, vassal!”
    GENCHU: “I am your vassal no longer, Hirotomo.”

    • jwkovell

      In this case, Hirotomo’s continued deaf ear to Genchu’s plea – to the point of changing the subject to a matter of protocol – is what forces Genchu to make up his mind.

      Genchu is no longer in a situation where he can convince Hirotomo.

    • SotiCoto

      What? Is his head too tight to cut off as it is?

  • Quiet Mastermind

    All these blood and sadness over a dead wife?!

    • Kid Chaos

      Depends on the wife. 💀

      • Insane Disciple


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