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  • John Smith

    Best. Haiku. Ever!

    • Katie Balfour

      I might venture:
      Green grass breaks through snow
      Artemis needs my help
      I am so awesome

      Or any from Sokka’s mini episode. That was literally the best.

      • Falling Star

        You are my favorite person here.

        • Kid Chaos

          What am I, chopped liver? 😜

        • Percabeth_trash

          Addendum to my previous comment: Or any of the chapter titles from the Trials of Apollo. My personal favourites –
          Up in my business
          Always burning Oracles
          Romans gonna hate
          and –
          Practice makes perfect
          Ha, ha, ha, I don’t think so
          Ignore my sobbing

  • Kikml2

    Sonic the hedgehog
    you are the best game ever
    it’s snowing on mount fuji

  • jULES

    This is a haiku.
    You can tell because it says,
    this is a haiku.

  • Quiet Mastermind

    Culture or Sake?

    • Kid Chaos

      Why not both? 😵

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