Kickstarter is A GO!!


The Kickstarter for NN4B Volume 2: Kyoto Chaos is live! For anyone wanting to help us spread the news, we have a little banner that you can use! For those too <enter excuse here> to follow the link, I’m just gonna embed Joe’s great pitch video below:




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  • clogboy

    I know I’m well late, but I have the first volume of NN4B and was a bit strapped for cash when this came out. I also know print is usually a headache for webcomics. But when the third volume comes out, can the collector in me request that you do a reprint run for the second one also (if the demand makes it feasable)? Your viewership is ever-expanding, and print really enhances the binge experience. I’m truthfully sorry about missing out on vol2 when it first came out and I want to support you guys!