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Remix 57

So I was deathly ill this weekend, possibly a 24 hour stomach flu. Either way, I’ve mostly recovered at this point, but it severely incapacitated my comic making abilities! Luckily, I was able to convince Joe to make a remix page in lieu of an actual update, something I’m only ever able to do when at death’s door. I hope everyone appreciated that I nearly died to make this happen!

On a side note, I did manage to fully beat that Nioh demo before it got taken off PSN. Not gonna lie, I got super frustrated trying to beat that big lightening chimera, but when I finally did it felt oh so sweet! Then I found this video of some player beating the same boss using a level 1 character with no armor and only a basic sword equipped. Well, gooood for yooouuuuu.

How bout that Game of Thrones Season 6? I feel like they’re trying to brush season 5 under the rug considering how sloppy it felt. 6 is killing it so far, the big payoffs all feel like they’re starting to roll in! Honestly, going past the books might be the best thing that’s every happened to the show.

I haven’t seen Civil War yet, but I’m sure by next update I’ll have plenty of thoughts on it. I know how much everyone loves reading my musings on comic book movies! (or movies in general, I guess)

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    How is it that I am only now discovering these masterpieces?

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