Who Wore it best?


OKAY, we are now officially beating a dead horse, but I do so love my mutilated equine carcasses! Also, Joe’s trying out a new voting plugin! I see so many brilliant applications for this in the future. ANYway, it’s been theorized that Ina holds a grudge against Yorikiro for stealing her place in the Kabuki play, and she now finds any chance to insult Yori about his ability to pull of feminine attire (this in a country where all the guys wear dresses anyway!). The question is, who pulls off that pink ninja outfit from page 519 better, Ina or Yori? Vote! Or not! It’s not as if anyone has any stake in the results, anyway!

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  • KungFuKlobber

    Insufficient data. I’d have to see Yori from the back and Ina from the front.

    • http://www.nn4b.com suburban_samurai

      The data provided is the maximum amount available!

      • KungFuKlobber

        Ina then, as she has accessorized properly.

    • http://www.nn4b.com suburban_samurai


  • poo4nnfb

    I’m sorry Yori…

    • http://www.nn4b.com suburban_samurai

      He just doesn’t seem that upset!

  • David A. Tatum

    They both can pull it off, surprisingly. I think Ina does do it better, though. (That’s okay, they also both pull off the “uniform” ninja gear, too)
    Incidently, suburban_samurai, I haven’t missed an e-mail from you, have I?

  • purplelibraryguy

    But they’re still wearing them. I can’t judge this until you show them pulling them off. You did say . . .