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Remix 58

Last week, Alex and I received a most excellent and lovingly written fanfic by EBeth concerning Yumiko Daisuke’s past. It is not cannon, but fits so well into things that it practically could be. I’d say more, but really, you should just read it!

Now, we transition from a carefully crafter reader contribution to… yes, that’s a fart joke.

To be fair, over a dozen years into the comic, I believe that is our first – either in the comic proper or the remixes… improper. It’s possible I was influenced a little bit by watching Blazing Saddles over the weekend.

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  • Kid Chaos

    Gotta have a fart joke in there somewhere. :)

    • Xinef

      And the one farting gotta be a mushroom :)

    • Turul

      Yeah, it was high time.

    • KungFuKlobber


  • EBeth

    OMG! You posted it. And with the perfectly classy introduction. LOL Thanks guys – you are the BEST!

  • IDPounder

    I am rather miffed, gentlemen. After all that work I did just last year on a remix that was one big fart joke, to be so soon forgotten? Although I guess it never made it into the “official” remix section.

    • jwkovell

      I didn’t feel accountable to flatulence in works I did not pen myself. You were first to the game in fan-based gas-related humor, sir!

      • IDPounder

        Well in that case, in the spirit of your inspiration:

        “More beans, Mr. Kovell?”

  • Falling Star

    Classy, Cho.

  • Sunwu

    Sweet dreams are made of these! who is Ken to Disagree? Cho’s traveled the world and the Seven seas, Everybody’s looking for Yori! Some of them want find Genchu. Sometimes Genchu wants to be found by you.
    (Sweet Dreams Eurythmics)

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